رد الشبهات عن رسول الله
The Humanity of our Master the Prophet of Allah

The Humanity of our Master the Prophet of Allah


Had he been not aided with obvious miracles

His very looks would have been the best to tell

The secrets of his greatness

{a part of a poem by Abdullah Ibn Rawahah }


He is uniquely beautiful

He's got the perfect essence of beauty

{ A part of Al Imam Al Busairy`s poem }


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              This article is a donation I offer before I visit The Prophet of Allah PBUH (peace be upon Him), as I am about to visit him soon. By this donation we obey Allah as He said in Qur`an: "When you believers want to talk to the Prophet or to visit him, give some donation before you do that. It is much purifying and much better for you."


                                              (Abu Hashem Al Sharif)





           Our Master the Prophet of Allah PBUH is the perfect human being… or, he is the accomplished human being ……….or he is much The Most Perfect of All Human beings.


         When it is said that the whole creation was created for his sake, some of the narrow-minded would deny this. Adopting the primitive side of its meaning, they would debate that the whole creation was created for the sake of worshipping Allah Almighty, as Allah says "I created the jennies and the humans only to worship me". That is completely correct. But….when the believers come to think open- mindedly, they will find that:

Allah Almighty created Adam to be His successor on Earth

Worshipping Allah is the essential core of this succession

The most perfect of Adam's sons, the most accomplished and the most pious and faithful of them all is Prophet Muhammad. Being more open-minded we can say that Allah created the creations, created Adam, created the human race so that He would bring to life Prophet Muhammad the most perfect, the most accomplished and the most pious. Through the existence of this ideal self of Muhammad, the aim of creating Adam is fulfilled.

 That is why the birth of Prophet Muhammad PBUH was one of the Dooms Day signs. Showing him up was the perfection of the truth, the spreading of light into the creatures and the folks becoming true believers of Allah. Allah says "Today, I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and am satisfied with Islam as your religion".



       That is why the whole being of Muhammad was a perfect being, accomplished in all its aspects. Both the genuine and the acquired aspects were perfected. He has got that unique harmony between the soul and the heart. The devil's line was erased from his heart, in his early yeas when he was just a baby at Halima`s. His heart and self became a shining self that was soaked into the shining soul. Thus, the Prophet Pbuh was in and out, at sleep and awake, in appearance and behaviors, genuinely and morally as perfect as Allah wanted His successor to be. That was the ideal person who was loved and elected by Allah. He had the best, the purest, the most pious heart and was the most accomplished human being.

     Gabriel pbuh said about him:

     (I tested the humans of the east of the Earth and the west,

       But I did not find a human better than Muhammad).


      In the next pages we are going to please our sights with looking at this pure self of Prophet Muhammad closely. We are going to see that Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the perfect elected human being.


                                                                                                         Khamasa,                        Friday, 8th Safar, 1429 Hijry.



       Preliminary word



       Prophet Muhammad pbuh is a human being. One of Adam's sons that eats and drinks, sleeps and wakes, lives and puts on clothes, marries, jests, and laughs. He has got looks, reason, body, and senses. His morals are different from any other human being as we shall see. The question is why is his morality different?

    The reason- as stated by the divine researchers- is that unique harmony between his soul and his natural being. There is no contradiction between them as in all humans. The soul is the pure light of Allah the Great Creator that is put into the humans and gives them livelihood. However, body is made of dust, and takes the characteristics of that dust. Man in general is created with a genuine readiness to both good and evil. (It is he who will win if he majors the good nature, and it is he who will lose if he majors the evil nature inside himself). The Prophet Pbuh had that genuine evil nature taken away and swept out of his heart when he was three years old. So, his nature became genuinely free from any of the devils` impact. Evil nature was completely cleared out of his heart, replaced with the light and the faith. Thus, his shining soul mixed with his natural being thoroughly. That is why all his honorable characteristics and all his bright body became different from those of the other humans`. It is not that he was made of another race than human beings; it is because the fact that he was the chosen one to be Allah's loved special human being. That is what we are going to see in the next pages.


Chapter 1

The Prophet's Perfect honored Body:


The Bright looks:


          Abdullah Ibn Rawaha said in his poem:

Had he not been aided with obvious miracles

His very looks would have revealed

The secrets of his greatness.


So, the bright looks of our Master the Prophet pbuh, was a factor for faith, as it is essential for the believers to be convinced that his physical features should be as unique and as unprecedented as they were. His physical perfection was one of Allah's miracles.

            In History books it is said that Khaled Ibn ElWalede was once asked by the leader of one of the tribes he passed by with his soldiers, to describe Muhammad. He answered him "I cannot describe him in details". The man asked Khaled to say in brief. He said: "The Prophet's perfection denotes his Great Sender's perfection".

        AlBuseiry said in his poem:

He's got the perfect looks and the perfect morality

Then was chosen by the Creator to be so special

He is uniquely beautiful

He's got the perfect essence of beauty.


     A lot of the Arabs believed in Islam when they saw the Prophet's bright looks which was miraculous and unprecedented. Hence Ibn Rawaha said ( No sooner did a man see him than he thought that this graceful man must be sent by Allah. Why then   should they need more miracles?).

    It would be nice here to look at the Prophet's physical description as mentioned in the trusted biography resources that told us about him. I can see the Prophet now as a man, sent by Allah with the brightest face and the most graceful nature. He stands for the ideal man whose perfection is one of the denotations of his divine message. I am going to draw his picture to the readers as I see it and as mentioned in his biography   as narrated by his own companions.


    His face was the most beautiful ever, circled with no sharp angles, white-colored    and would be blushed because of the sun that affected his white face a little. When he was pleased you never know whether it is his face that shines more or the full moon in the sky. It was hard to compare him to any one. The reverend female companion AlRabea' bint Moauith said: "when you see him you think the sun rises. When you face him you can't gaze at him because of the dignity in his face".

  My dear reader; please look with me at that round white blushing moon-like face, you will be stunned by his beauty. And you will see those matchless eyes with there wide lines dark black with a little red in their white space. They were darkly lined  as if smeared with kohl, with thick long eye lashes. His brows were finely bowed and separated with a nerve between them that pulses when he get angry. May Allah grant him more light and more happiness, and give him the mediation and the privilege and the high honored rank, and bring him to life in the place of gratitude as He promised him.


     When you come to look at his honored nose you will find it moderately long with a little peak in the middle so bright and so nice that whoever takes a quick glance at  it would think it is high and lofty.


   Looking at the forehead you may mistake it for a shining lamp. It was wide spreading light in the dark night, his sweat drops would fall like pearls. His honored head was a little big and he had a thick black beard. His hair was neither hard nor too straight. It was rather long and a little curly that would cover his ears and his neck and in between the shoulders. Most often he made a line in his hair, but sometimes he sent it all backwards. In the farewell pilgrimage he had his hair cut of both sides and gave the hair to Abu Talha to give to the people for blessing. He then did not have more than twenty white hairs in his beard and below the down lip. The Prophet's hair turned hardly gray; when he oils his hair the few white hairs would be unseen. The Prophet liked putting perfumes on his head till his hair acquired a red reflection. Sometimes he used herbs, henna, Za'faran and warsh to his hair. His wife Om Salamah had a box with some of the Prophet's hairs in it. She used to treat the fevered people by spreading water in which those hairs were soaked in their faces, and they were recovered. They narrators of the story said that the hairs were reddish black because of the perfumes. Anas said that the Prophet did not need henna', for his hair was black. But the hair became reddish because of the perfumes.


       If you visited the Prophet in his home and followed him you would see his moderate height and his wide shoulders and his handsome greatness. His honorable neck was as pure as silver. If he uncovered his back you would see the sign of his prophet hood twinkling with light in the size of a dove egg remarkable in his back. He got that sign when he had his chest purified as a child, to be prepared as the faultless saved prophet he grew up to be.


   When you face the Prophet you see his wide clear chest as a clean straight mirror. His chest was as white as the full moon. There was a line of small hairs between his neck and his belly button. There were no other hairs in his chest or belly except for that line. If you wanted to be honored with shaking hands with him he would give you a silky smooth hand that was as perfumed as the hands of a perfume vendor's. His perfumed hand would keep your own hands wonderfully perfumed all the day.  His hands were straight with long thick boned fingers. His forefinger was uniquely longer than the other fingers out of too much lifting in Allah's praise.  His arms were wide and long and muscled. His armpits would be seen when he prays to Allah and raises his hands up high.


    If you looked at the prophet from a long distance you would see a moderately tall man if he walked alone. If he walked between tall men he is seen taller than them. But he was moderate when walking alone. If you sat with him or walked in his neighborhood you would find the strong perfume he used to wear. But even if he did not have perfumes, his own personal smell was matchlessly lovelier than strong perfumes, or misk or amber. When he passed his hands on the cheeks of the little boys in Madinah after the finishing the morning prayers in the mosque, they kept having his perfume for the rest of the day. His sweat was perfumed too and so was his saliva. Can you believe that Om Sulaym once swept his sweat in a tissue to use it as a perfume for herself and for her family? Were you there when the Prophet brought a buckle of water and drank from it then spit into it to pour that water into a salt water wheel? The water of that wheel became really pure and amazingly perfumed more than any other wheel in Madina.

       If you happened to walk behind the Prophet pbuh you would be astonished to see him walking fast cutting long distances as if descending down from a high place, yet his walk looked easy and effortless, as if distances were made easy for him. His companions got fatigued when they walk with him while he did not. When the Prophet turned to any direction he would turn with his whole body not only with his head.


The actual words of the Prophet's companions describing him:


       AlBaraa narrated "The Prophet of Allah had got the most beautiful face and the most graceful looks ever seen. He was not too tall, yet he was not short". (Narrated AlBukhary and Muslim).


    A man asked Jaber Ibn Samra whether the Prophet's face was as shining as a sword. He answered him "No, it was rather as round and shining as the sun and the moon". (Narrated in Sahih Muslim).

  Jaber also said "I saw the Prophet in Idhian night in a red gown. I kept looking at him then at the moon and then back to him, I swear that he was more bright in my eyes than the moon". (Narrated in Ketab ElAdab _ Aldarami by AlTermethi).

  Ka'b Ibn Malik said "When the Prophet was happy his face became brighter as a piece of the moon. We all knew that about him". (Narrated in Sahih AlBukhary and Muslim).

  AlRabie' Bint Moaweth said "If you saw him you would say the sun rises". (Narrated in Mujama' AlZawa'ed by AlTabarany).

  Anas Ibn Malik described the Prophet saying "His height was moderate, neither tall nor short. His color was blushing white, not too white and not dark. His hair was not too curly or too straight". (Narrated in Sahih AlBukhary).

   Anas said "When the Prophet died in the age of sixty the white hair in his head and beard were not more than twenty hairs". (Muslim).

  Ali described the prophet saying "His face was blushing white". (Tareekh Demashque by Ibn Asaker, and AlKhasaes ElKobra by AlSayouti).

   Abu Hurayrah said "I haven't seen any thing as beautiful as the Prophet, as if the sun rises in his face. When he walks no body can be faster than him as if the distances were made shorter for him, while he was unaware". (AlManaqueb by AlTermethie, and Ahmad's Musnad.

    Jaber Ibn Samrah said "His mouth was not small, his eyes were wide with dark eyelids, and his feet were straight"

   Jaber also said about the Prophet "Whenever I look to him I see thick eye-lashed eyes as if they were smeared with kohl". (AlTermethie and Ahmad)

   Abu Hurayrah described the Prophet saying "His eye lashes were thick and long". (Dala'el A; Nobowah by AlBayhaquey).

   AlHasan Ibn Ali narrated the words of his uncle "The eyebrows of the Prophet were neat, bowed, and separated with a nerve between them that appears and pulses when he gets angry. His nose was a little long topped with light, thought to be high or lofty. His feet were straight. His mouth was not thin. His fore teeth were a little separated". (AlShama'el explanation by AlTermethie).

  Ibn Abbas said "The Prophet of Allah had that nice space between his fore teeth. Whenever he speaks something as light is seen coming out from among his teeth". (Mugama' AlZwa'ed by AlHaythamie).

  The Prophet's head and beard were big as Ali said (AlTermethie). His hair was not so curly or so straight as described by Anas Ibn Malik (Muslim). His hair reached to his shoulders, and sometimes it was not longer than the middle of his ears as described by Anas (AlBukharie).The female companion Um Hane' said "When the Prophet came to Mecca once he got four gathered locks" (Abu Dawood, AlTermethie, and Ibn Majah).       Anas: "When the Prophet has done throwing the stones in pilgrimage and slaying his sheep, he had his right side hair cut and then the left. He handed the hair to Abu Talhah to distribute them for blessing" (Muslim)

    Ali: "the Prophet was wide-shouldered and his feet were straight. His ankles were big and his back bone was tall"

      Abu Hurayrah: "there was a distance between his shoulders"

      Anas: "I saw the Prophet raisin his hands in prayer so high that we can see his armpits"

        Ali: "The Prophet was not short or tall. He was pushed forward while he was walking as if he was descending from a height. He was matchlessly graceful"

       Anas "I never touched any thing even silk softer than the Prophet's hands. I never found any perfumed smell more wonderful than his"

      Jaber Ibn Samrah "I attended dusk prayers with the Prophet. After that I walked with him back to his home. In the way we met kids of Medina and the Prophet put his hand on their faces in a friendly way, one after another. When he touched my face I felt that perfumed coolness as if he got it out of a perfume venders' bag" (Muslim)

   AbdulJabbarene Wa'el Ibn Obaya (Abeeh) "The Prophet brought a buckle of water and drank from it. Then he poured what he drank into it. Afterwards he poured the buckle into a wheel, after which it smelled as perfume" (Ahmad), (Ibn Majah).

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