رد الشبهات عن رسول الله
Muhammad Brought Along War And Imposed Islam With The Power of The Sword Says the devil


        The devil says: Islam was imposed on people with the power of the sword, and it prefers violence.

The answer:

   This is the most common libel. It needs to be defended and illustrated in details.

Allah Almighty says: "We sent you only as a mercy for the whole creatures"

This Divine statement of the Holy Qur'an with its wide spread frame that includes the whole earth, no place in particular, all the consequent eras, not an era in particular. It includes all the events of peace and war, and the whole mankind, not only the Arabs, or the others. Everything created by Allah should be taken by the greatness and the accurateness of this statement of Allah describing the very essence of the Prophet's prophethood. He was the comprehensive mercy that includes the believers and the unbelievers and is manifested in all the behaviors and situations of The Prophet's PBUH.

     However, as to fighting or (Jihad), it is a legal and sometimes necessary action in the point of view of all human sanity. Jihad in Islam is the most pure of fights from many faces:

(1) as to goals                                  (2) as to style

(3) as to conditions and laws          (4) as to stopping and terminating

(5) as to the effects and the results of these wars

     The legality of Jihad is clear in Islam both as a theory and as an application. Despite this obviousness, it was made a problematic topic and a topic of debate by the narrow minded and the ignorant enemies of Islam as an honorable religion. Those narrow minded debaters made the notion of Jihad so dizzy and in a sense so embarrassing even in the minds of some Muslims, that there was a believe that Islam was spread and imposed on people with the power of the sword, and it propagates the idea of war and violence. In an answer to this it is enough to repeat Allah's order for human beings to be fair enough and not to change the facts to mislead others from the clear fact as it really is. Allah says in His Holy Book, "Why do you people put the false in the place of the truth and hide the truth although you are sure of it"

    A prominent western writer (Thomas Carlyle) noticed this false libel and wrote in his book (The Heroes and Heroism Worshipping) "Accusing him – meaning Prophet Muhammad PBUH – of counting on the sword to get people to believe in his Message is absurd and meaningless. It is not conceivable that an individual person would fight with people to convince them with his Message. And when the war lovers who believed him were very loyal and obedient to him they were attacked and fought with while they were not ready to fight"

The French historian Gostaf Lopon wrote in his book (Arabs' Civilization) explaining how Islam was spread during the life of The Prophet PBUH and the years of war after his death; "History proved the fact that religions can never be imposed by force. Islam too was spread only through convincing and inviting people to it, not with the sword. Only through convincing and inviting it was spread in places like turkey and Persia which were stronger than the Arabs. Qur'an was spread in India where the Arabs were only passengers to have more than 50 million Indian Muslims. In China it was not less spread although the Arabs did not have any fights in any part of it. There are more than 20 million Muslims there now"

     Moreover, everybody knows that the Prophet PBUH stayed in Mecca 13 years inviting people to Islam with gentle talking and wise behavior. These years resulted into turning honorable people of the prominent figures in Mecca to Islam. Also poor people embraced Islam despite the fact that The Prophet had no fortunes to tempt them with. It was only with advice and convincing that Islam spread. Not only that but also those who had no support or families endured lots of pains and tortures that mountains cannot endure for the sake of their believe. Their believe was so true and strong that nothing could ever change it. None of them left Islam or was tempted by the tries of the unbelievers to be against it. They were as heroic and as pure as the real gold. The more it is burnt the more it shines and glows.

    We are going to talk about the both sides of theory and application of Jihad. By theory we mean the commands of Qur'an and Hadith. And, by application we mean what happened actually throughout the centuries starting from the wars of the Prophet, till the wars of nowadays, ending with an illustration of the five faces of Jihad previously mentioned.

First: The theory:

     In Qur'an and Hadith there are words and verses that explain the importance of Jihad for maintaining and saving Islam. The warrior for the sake of Allah is such a noble knight who is trained to the classy knighthood morals. He should be committed to the Divine orders and commands which concentrate on self control before, during, and after the battle. Before the battle he should free his intentions from any worldly aims. He should not fight for any personal benefits for himself or for his group. He should also commit himself to the laws of war identified by Allah. And he should fight only for the sake of Allah, which means he is after obeying Allah's orders and is ready to end the fight at any time the war loses any of its conditions. In either cases of being hurt or victory such a knight should keep self control, no revenge, no selfish decisions, and only complete commitment to the war moral codes. The same is true to the life after the battle. The knight should be helpful to his people never to harm them. That is why the Prophet PBUH named holding moral codes and self control the major Jihad. That is because the ordinary Jihad is just a battle that lasts for hours or days, whereas keeping self control in everyday life after the battle needs a continuous effort that lasts for the knight's lifetime.

We are going to mention the Qur'an verses and the Hadith of the Prophet that talk about Jihad. Then we are going to focus on Jihad goals, laws, and style whereby we know when a battle should stop and what the consequent results are.

First; Qur'an Verses:

*1"Only for the sake of Allah you should fight those who tend to fight you, and never start any unjustified war as Allah likes not those who are aggressive * Kill them where ever you find them and turn them out from where they turned you out. Corruption is more hideous than killing to Allah. Do not fight them near the Holy Mosque unless they fight you into it. In this case you should kill them. That is how unbelievers should be punished"

*2"If they stop the war Allah will forgive them as He Is The Ever Forgiving and The Ever Merciful.* And fight them to prevent (the mistrust in Islam), and to show that religion is the worshipping of Allah only. If they stop the war no aggression is allowed except to stop the injustice of the tyrants"

*3"You Muslims are destined to fight although you hate fighting. But you might find your benefits in something you hate. And you might be harmed by something you love. Surely, Allah knows everything, whereas you don't"

*4"When Muslims ask you (Muhammad), whether they should fight in the Holy month (Ramadan) or not, answer them that they should be ready to huge fights. For, forbidding people to believe in Allah and refusing to worship Him as well as turning the people out of the Holy Mosque are more hateful. And corruption is more hateful than killing"

*5"All Prophets had a lot of believers who fought under their leadership. They never abandoned them because of their sufferings. They never lost their power or surrender. And Allah loves those who are patient."

*6 "Do not think that those who are killed for the sake of Allah are dead now. They are alive and blessed in the paradise of their Lord's"

*7 "Those who immigrated and were turn out of their homes and were harmed for my sake, and they fought and killed, I will cover all their sins"

*8 "Tell those who pay their mundane life for the sake of their everlasting life (The Hereafter) to fight for the sake of Allah. Whoever is killed or defeated of them in the fight We will give him a great reward"

*9 "What is holding you Muslims from fighting for the sake of Allah? You should fight to save the weak men, women, and children who supplicate to Allah saying, "Our Lord, save us out of this village whose people are tyrants, give us leaders who care for us, and support us."

*10 "If they let you alone and wanted peace Allah will not allow you to go on fighting them"

*11 "Remember when Allah promised you Muslims to have one of two solutions. And you prefer and wish to have the safe (easier) solution. And it is Allah's will to give the power to the truth with His words and to erase the tracks of the pagans. For Allah to give authority to the truth and erase falseness in spite of the hatred of the criminals"

*12 "It was not you Muslims who killed them. It was Allah who killed them (with your swords). It was not  you Muhammad who throw the arrow, it was Allah Who did (with your hand)"

*13 "Fight them you Muslims, to prevent the corruption and to prove that religion is of Allah and believe should only be in Allah. But if they stopped fighting and wanted peace, thence Allah knows all their deeds"

*14 "Do not be as evil as those who left their homes because of ingratitude and hypocrisy, and they forbid people from believing in Allah, while Allah knows all that they're doing"

*15 "If they want peace you must agree, and count on Allah. Verily He is the Ever listening  and the ever Omniscient"

*16 "O Prophet of Allah, say to those you captured "Allah knows your hearts. If Allah sees any goodness in your hearts He will grant you better things than what was taken from you, and will forgive you, as Allah is the Ever Merciful and Forgiving"

*17 "If they repent , said the prayers, and paid Zakat (identified charity) set them free. Allah is The Ever Forgiving and Merciful * And if any of the pagans asked your rescue, rescue him till he believes in Allah. Then give him safe shelter, they are not aware of the truth"

*18 "Allah bought from the believers their lives and their properties and promised them the paradise in return, by fighting and killing the pagans and being killed for the sake of Allah"

*19 "Those warriors were known to be wronged and verily Allah can help them.* Those who were unjustly turned out of their homes only because they say Allah is Our Lord"


Secondly: The Prophet's Hadith:

1 Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet PBUH said "Allah promised the Mujahidin who go out of their homes only to fight  for His sake of Allah, and apply His orders, that He will turn them back to a home in the paradise or to their homes which they left, with His awards of this worldly life and of the Hereafter"

2 Wahb Ibn Munabbeh narrated: I asked Jabir about the Thakeef Tribe matter, He answered: they agreed to embrace Islam on a condition that they would not pay charity (Zakat) or fight (Jihad), and Jabir added that he heard the Prophet PBUH said: "When they become Muslims they will pay charity and they will fight"

3 Sa'd Ibn Zayd Al-Ashhali narrated that he gave the Prophet PBUH a sword from Najran. When he took it he gave it to Muhammad Ibn Maslamah and said to him "Go fight with this sword for the sake of Allah. When you are not sure who you should kill hit the rocks with it. Then go to your home and stay there still until you are killed by mistake or simply die". AlHakim believes that this prophecy of the Prophet's was explained later when the war of Ali took place and some Muslims preferred Jihad while others preferred not to fight with Ali.

4 Sa'eed Ibn Jubayr said: Ibn Omar came to us once and a man asked him: how do you think about the fight of uncertainty or misleading  (AlFetnah)? He answered: Do you really know the meaning of (Fetnah)? It was like the Prophet PBUH fights the polytheists. That was Fetnah (meaning very hard thing). Fetnah does not mean the way you fight one another for gaining leadership.

5 Abdullah Ibn Amr (may Allah bless them both) narrated that a man came to the Prophet PBUH saying: I want to fight with you (do Jihad). The Prophet asked him; "Are your parents alive?" he answered: Yes. The Prophet said to him "Go do Jihad in serving them and caring for them"

These verses of Qur'an and the Prophet's words show that the real aims of war or Jihad in Islam are:

1 Repelling aggression and self-defense

2 Saving the process of inviting people to believe in Allah and giving a chance to the poor and the weak to chose to be Muslims

3 Demanding the stolen rights

3 Supporting  justice and truth

They also illustrate that the war has conditions and laws:

1 The nobility and clearness of both means and goals

2 fight only the fighters and never attack the peaceful who do not fight or the families

3 If the enemies choose peace and stop the war no more fighting is allowed except with those who start a fight

4 Caring for the captured warriors and treating them well as a human being deserves

5 Caring for the environment, the animals, and the plants. Muslims are prohibited to burn trees or to spoil crops or water resources, or destroying houses.

6 keeping the free worshipers safe like the priests and their churches

The impacts of Jihad:

The previously mentioned causes and laws show how noble Jihad was both as a means and as a goal. It is natural then that the impacts and fruits should be as noble and as obvious. Because results are of the same kind of causes. The impacts of Jihad are summarized as follows:

1 training oneself to chivalry, knightly, and helpful manners

2 Removing the tyrants who hurt people and suppress them. And fighting the evil that ruins Earth instead of reforming it

3 The guarantee of freedom and justice for all human beings no matter what their religions are

4 Giving priority to the general causes over the personal benefits

5 Reinforcing a severe punishment for the criminals so as  to give the people a safe country

6 Allah says in The Holy Qur'an;  40. Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: "Our Lord is Allâh." - For had it not been that Allâh checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allâh is mentioned much would surely have been pulled down. Verily, Allâh will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allâh is All-Strong, All-Mighty.(AlHajj, 40)

AlImama AlQurtubi explained this verse saying:

If Allah Almighty had not ordered all His Prophets to fight the pagans and unbelievers no church or a mosque or a place of worshipping would have been kept safe from the attacks of Allah's enemies. Allah ordered the faithful to fight for the sake of protecting the believers and defending their safety. So, fighting the evil elements is a factor of progress and civilization. Unless the believers of each era fight to protect their believes none of the religions would have been existed now. And unless religions existed and lasted people would never know Allah or worship Him. That explains the verse, the good fight the evil and religions pave the way for each other.

 The Second side:The application side:

The Wars of the Prophet PBUH:

A) War is a social phenomenon. Since the beginning of life on earth there were dealings and conflicts between people in the society. Conflicts can be solved in many ways including war and fight. Man is created with this instinct of possession and holding and defending what is his own as means of continuity on earth. His fight for his possessed things are actually fights for his own lasting and continuity in life. His needs can be more complicated and his demands can become more compound. Now he is no longer fighting for getting food or defending it. He is now fighting for demanding freedom, rejecting injustice, or redeeming dignity. Ibn Khaldone the well-known sociologist explains this fact saying: "Wars started with the creation of human beings on earth. They spark from the desire of revenge of some persons from other persons. With one group after revenge and the other is defending themselves wars start. That is natural to humans. The reasons of war could also be either jealousy, competition, aggression, defending religions, or defending authority and paving the way for it.


B) War In The Pre-Islam Holy Books:

  Passing by the ancient human civilizations and having a look into the Holy Books and Divine religions we can see clearly in the Bible and in the Old Testaments that wars had more noble reasons than just the instinctive desire of possessing food or land or personal revenge. The reasons of the wars were Divine and detached from the worldly desires. They took place to set up peace and justice, to help the weak, and to fight paganism and disobedience for the sake of which believers can simply sacrifice their lives. The Holy Books before Islam defined the limits of wars and they raised Man higher than the personal glories based on the mundane self to the sacrifice of life and soul for the sake of the Divine principles. Such kinds of wars were organized in human groups not on individual basis.

War in The Old Testament:

           The reasons of war were mentioned in eight scripts of the old testament which are: (At-Takween, Al-Adad, At-Tathniah, Joshua, Al-Qudah (Judges),  Samuel I, The Kings II, and Hesqial)

In Al-Adad script, no.13, there is a story about how Muses sent a number of men to look the land of Kan'an (Palestine) out. "They went there and then came back to them in Kadish telling him and his people that it is really a fruitful land with plenty of milk and honey". They brought some of the fruits with them. They added, "But the people of that land are strong and dignified. Their cities are well protected and we saw the sons of Inak there".(32)

In Samuel I script no. 25 we read:

"Napal answered the slaves of David saying: Who is David and who is the son of Yasi? Those slaves who take each servant from his lord became too many. Should I take my bread, my water, and the cattle I slayed for my neighbors and give them all to some unknown people?" David's soldiers went to him and told him the words of Napal. So, he commanded them to hold their swards and he took his own sward and went to fight taking with him four hundred men. He then left two hundred to protect the luggage and food". (33)

In The Kings' second script no. 3

"Mesha the second king of Maw'ab owned a lot of cattle. He gave Israel's king a hundred thousands of sheep and a hundred thousands of herds with all their wool. When Akhab died Mw'ab king did a mutiny against Israel's king Yahoram, who went out of Samera and gathered the people and sent to Shafeth the king of Yahootha a message saying. "The king of Maw'ab made a mutiny against me. Would you join me to fight him?" (34)

In Hezkial script no. 21:

"The Lord said: You son of Adam turn your faces to Jerusalem and go there be my prophet. Tell the people of Israel these are the Lord's orders. Here I give you My sword taking it out of its cover, cutting with it the good and the bad of all the people of the north and south so that all mankind should know that My sword would never be put back into its cover". (35)

In Yosha' script no 23:

"You saw all that Your Lord did for you. He fights for you. See how He divided the rest of the nations by luck among you? He made them and the great sea in the west your own, you sons of Israel from Jordan and its neighbors. Your Lord will banish them from your sight and dismiss them from your place to possess their lands as Your Lord told you." (36)

In The Judges script no. 1:

"The sons of Yahootha fought The people of Jerusalem and they conquered it. They killed people with the edges of their swords and burnt the whole city. After that they headed to the inhabitants of the mountain (the people of Kan'an) and the inhabitants of the south and the plain".

And in that script no. 18:

"They took what Mekha and his priest made and went to Layesh and killed its peaceful people and burnt their city. No one could save them because the city was long away from Saydone. They did not have any communication with other people. That city was in the valley of Bayt Rahoob. They built a city in the place of Layesh, called Dan after their father who was the son of Israel." (37)

In Samuel script no 4:

"The Israelis went out to fight the Palestinians, and they camped near Hajar Ma'ona. The Palestinians camped in Afeeq. The Palestinians defeated the Israelis and killed about four thousands of their men." (38)

In At-Takueen script no. 34:

In the third day while they were hurt the two sons of Jacob; Shaimon and Lawi the brothers of Dina, took their swords and came over the city and killed all males. They killed Hamore and his son Shakeem because they harmed their sister. They killed their sheep and their cows. They destroyed their field and stole their crops, children, and women and everything they found in their homes." (39)

In At-Takween script no. 14:

When Ibram knew that his brother was captured he took his slaves and sons and headed to Dan with 318 man. He came over them at night and defeated them. Then he followed them to Hooba in the north of Damascus. He then got back all the stolen properties and Loot and all the women and people." (40)

In Al-Adad script no. 21:

"The Lord said to Muses "Be not afraid of him for I pushed him into your hand and all his people to do with him as you did with Sayhoon the king of the Amoorians as they killed him and all his people leaving no one of them, and took his lands." (41)

In Al-Adad script no. 25:

"Then the Lord talked to Muses and said to him "Tease the people of Madian and hurt them as they teased you with their lies and plots" (42)

In Al-Adad script no. 33 the Tarot explains how Allah ordered Muses PBUH to wage a war against people who worshipped other gods:

"The Lord said to Muses in the deserts of Moo A'b in Areha of Jordan "Talk to Israel sons and say to them: you are going to pass by Jordan to the lands of Kan'an. So dismiss all the people out of your way and terminate all their idols and paintings and destroy all their buildings" (43)

14-That sounds like what was mentioned in Samuel scripts no.17 (45.46):

"David said to the Palestinian: You come to me with a sword, an arrow, and a bargain and I come to you with the Lord of the soldiers of Israel whom you mocked. That is for the whole earth to know that Israel has a Lord." (44)

15-In Samuel I no. 23:

"David went to Ka'ela with his men and fought the Palestinians. And they took their sheep and hit them badly and so David sat the people of Ka'ela free" (45)

16-In Al-Mazamir script no. 18:

David is praising his Lord who gave him the power to fight his enemies "You are the One who teach my hand how to fight and give my arm the copper arrow…I follow my enemies and catch them and kill them all leaving none of them. You make them fall at my feet and give me the strength to kill the most of the powerful men. You give me the necks of my hostile enemies to kill them" (46)

These are some of the wars of The Israelis as mentioned in their books and scripts. War was not denied as a notion in their doctrine. They were marked with a religious stamp, blessed by the Lord and aided with His help. They believe that the Lord took his sword out of its cover never to come back again. (47)

The wars in the New Testament ( The Bible):

Despite the peacefulness of Christianity the holy book did not drop the tales of Jesus' wars when needed. The famous sentence "if you were hit on your right cheek turn your other cheek to be hit too" is mentioned side by side with the facts that Jesus was taking his sword to fight sometimes. He says in the Bible: "Do not think that I came to set peace on earth, I came to plant a sword to make the believer dispute with his father, the daughter with her mother, the daughter in law with her mother in law and so each one fights his own family until they become faithful" (48)

This is most like Prophet Muhammad's words "I was sent with a sword till the Dooms Day until Allah only is worshipped" (49)

Thus we see clearly how the notion of war and jihad for the sake of truth and faith was and still is a cosmopolitan legislation throughout the consequent eras and nations. Not one nation lived without wars and fights. We also saw all through the holy books that no religion came without recommending the idea of war and self sacrifice for the sake of Allah. All religions contained the method of fighting for the sake of Allah.

So, that was enough to prove that Muhammad was like the previous prophets. And that the Jihad is necessary to set truth and justice and protect them. That is one of the reasons for which Islam should be appreciated instead of being attacked. Their reasons for wars and killing are our answer to believe in the legality of what the Prophet and his companions endured of the war and its consequences.

To complete this thesis, and to answer all the claims of the doubtful, we are going to have a look upon the wars Prophet Muhammad PBUH went through. As a start we see how easily the Arabs before Islam were fighting. Wars were fired for no reasons. With the Prophet trying to protect Islam, he had to fight for that.

The Arabs and the war before Islam:

History books and literature recorded the epics of the fights of the Arabs before Islam in volumes called The Days of the Arabs (Ayyam El-Arab). All we are interested in here is the fields of comparison between the wars before and after Islam. Such fields like; (the causes, the duration, the impacts of those wars) are our topic. As the great scholar M. A. Al-Bughdadi said; "the wars of the Arabs before Islam were too many. Some examples will be enough such as; (Al-Basoos, Dahis wa Al-Ghabra'. AlNosar, AlJufar, AlFujjar, TholKar, She'b Jabalah, and Rahrahan…….etc). those who see into the history of these wars will discover that the over enthusiasm and the blind pride together with the reckless braveness were the fuel of these wars. Consider also the triviality of the reasons, the very long duration (some wars lasted for about ten years), and the horrible impacts of these wars on the society and its different tribes. No accurate numbers were mentioned about the loss these wars caused, but the words said about the destruction and the orphaned children and the widowed women were sufficient to describe the distress these wars caused. The poet Zuhayr ibn abi Sulma said in his famous poem about the war

You went to save Abs and Thubian after they lost hope

And they used the perfume of Mansham to reconcile

Abs and Thubian are two tribes who kept fighting for long years. Mansham was an extremely pessimistic perfume vendor who was well known for her dark expectations. The poet says to the peace mediators "you saved the two tribes after they lost all hope of peace and of the end of their war"

That was a quick glance at the wars before Islam. As to the war in the era of the Prophet PBUH:

The Prophet PBUH stayed in Madina and established the Islamic prophetic government there. After 13 years of teaching people how to live and act as Muslims, enduring lots of troubles and torture for the sake of perfecting his teachings, Quraysh were mad. After all the tortures and the three migrations Muslims finally settled in Madina and lived peacefully and successfully. This made Quraysh; the lords of the Arabs, feel threatened least this new just safe government should take the authority and the leadership of the Arabs from them.  So they were after killing the Prophet PBUH to kill the whole religion. Their leadership meant everything to them. And their financial stability was now in danger. How would they let the new religion which is opposed to their ancient religion the secret of their power and wealth, safely continue and grow? They had to fight this religion. But no matter how extremely peaceful Islam is, as in Allah's great words "forgive them and say peace" ,this peaceful nature would not forbid Muslims from defending themselves and protecting their Divine for all humanity religion. Right and justice need power to protect them. So, they had to do their duty and protect Islam using the same weapons raised against them. That was why Allah said in the holy Qur'an "Those soldiers were wronged and Allah permits them to fight and Allah is capable of giving them victory * Those who were turned out of their homes for no reason but worshipping Allah. Had not Allah ordered the believers to fight their enemies, lots of churches, temples and mosques where Allah is worshipped deeply and plentifully would have been destroyed. Surely Allah will give victory to those who keep Him in hearts and obey Him. Surely Allah is The Powerful and The Strong" 53

So. The permission Allah gave to the Muslims to fight means that they were not ordered to fight before in the days of Mecca and a part of the days of Madina. Even in the order of fighting for saving Islam and protecting it Allah orders Muslims never to start a war or to be aggressive. The aim is protection and self-defense, no revenge or paying back. That is one of the characteristics of the prophetic government. The Prophet is most like a surgeon, who cuts out the diseased part without damaging the other sound and healthy parts of the body. A surgeon aims at saving the patient's life, not killing him. The whole world is one body (to the prophetic government) that should be kept safe and sound and should be cured from its diseases. The world in general is filled with, or rather based upon conflicts and fighting. Conflicts are there not only amongst people and nations, but also between a man and himself, and Man and his surroundings. Everyone knows the theories discovered by Darwin, Russell, and Lass and others. They called them the law of the conflict of surviving. They based on that law all their evolution theories that explain the evolution of plants, animals, and even humans.

Everybody knows how the enemies of Christianity resisted Jesus and hurt him. He was a Prophet and a reformer. He was after peace. But they fought him and sentenced him to be crucified, but Allah saved him. His enemies kept chasing the Christians and torturing them for three centuries. They were wronged and scattered in the countries until Constantine came and gathered them and protected Christianity with the power of the sword with which he killed the pagans and their aliens.

What would those who accuse Islam of being spread by force want? Do they imagine that a religion can grow and continue on unnatural basis in a savage world based on the genuine laws of conflict? How could it protect itself in a world where blind force is used to erase the signs of truth and destroy the fortresses of justice?

  Some of those who are always against Islam would ask: And what did you prepare to justify yourselves when the whole world decides to stop wars and solve problems with justice and wisdom?

We will say : To these most wanted days we've already prepared the holy verse of Qur'an: "If they declined to peace, go for peace, and trust Allah. Verily He is The Ever Listening, The Ever Omniscient"

This verse is one of the miracles of Islam. It is one of the many evidences that prove that war was not legislated for the sake of war itself. It was legislated to protect Islam as long as Human beings are what they are nowadays. It was a social need then. So, when the global thinking changes into more peaceful trends Muslims are previously ordered to encourage and go for this trend. If war was the aim this verse would not have been existed. (56)


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